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The new normal!

It's been a long 2 years of sickness and life shutting down due to the worldwide pandemic. After everything that's gone on especially since the start of 2022, with losing my Mom. Dad and I finally went on a long weekend getaway in March to visit friends that became family to us. Experienced a bit of what Alberta has to offer!

Hello beautiful Banff!! I had only ever been once before and I couldn't remember it. Banff is stunning. Freezing cold on top of the mountain ( I forgot my gloves in BC ) non the less it was stunning up top the mountain, even more so with all the snow. Enjoyed lunch overlooking the mountain with a stunning view of the snowy trees and saw the Canadian flag as our view. Strolled the cute little town and went into all the shops. Lululemon of course came through and I got a few cute items. I also had my first ever beaver tail, let me tell you YUM! There's something magical about a city with mountains covered in snow, it felt like its only little world up there!! I cannot wait to go back this summer and see it minus the snow!

As a wonderful treat I went to one of the most expensive steak houses i've ever been to, me being the only non meat eater was excited when I found lobster Mac & Cheese on the menu. Holy was it delicious. Probably the best one I've ever had!! Worth all the calories and I am dreaming of going back and having it again!!

Our long weekend with "family" was exactly what we needed!! It was feeling more like pre pandemic then living in the pandemic, Alberta had lifted mask rules which was weird dad and I still wore them for most places. The flights on the other hand.... airports and flights masks were mandatory which is fine however the flight was so hot and masks made it even hotter. Thank god for a portable fan!!

Forward to 3 weeks later and I'm finally reunited with my cousin/bestie/sister! We had been counting down the days since January. Joining my cousin who I hadn't seen since 2017 was my Uncle and other cousin and I hadn't see them since 2014 so it was a wonderful reunion!

The final goodbye to mom:

Im so thankful to have the love and support of our family well we put mom in her final resting place. I handled it very well until I placed her into the niche, then the tears poured out. I kissed her urn one last time before placing her inside, followed by a single red rose and placed as couple purple ribbons for Alzhimers in front of moms urn and my cousin also placed a rose as well, then she wiped off my kiss, I was a bit upset and out came the urn so I could kiss it once more got a better lipstick mark and placed her gently back in the niche and placed the roses and then they came to close her up. It felt the most real at that moment. Dad placed the final red rose on the little ledge in front of her spot and we said our goodbyes for now. Im very lucky she is under my Nana and Pappy so now I will be visiting all 3 so much more!

The rest of the week well the family was here we had the best time lots of wine, laughs and just quality time! Dad and I became tourists in our own province with a trip to one of my all time favourite places Whistler and then a visit to Stanley Park.

Whistler by far is one of my favourite places to visit! I do perfer being up there in the summer im just more a warmer weather kinda gal. However it was stunning with all the snow.

We a walked through Stanley Park and a little bit of the sea wall. Stopped by the olympic cauldron and had a wonderful lunch! I don't get down to Vancouver often it stresses me out driving down there, however when family is in town its always nice to get down and enjoy the beautiful province that I love so much!!

My little getaway and having my family here defiantly felt like times before covid. Even though I am still very careful with going out in public I make sure I have a mask with me at all times and hand sanitizer. It was nice to get back to going out doing some normalish things.


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