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My hope for the new year........ Welcome 2022

My hopes for the new year, 2022 how the heck did we get here???!?!!

  • Be more present, put down the electronics a little more

  • Meditate more

  • More exercise even when not feeling well try and get at least 15-30 minutes on the treadmill or longer if I'm having a good day

  • enjoy the little things

  • try not to shop as much

  • blog as much as I can ( I find writing things out helps a lot )

  • focus more on a healthy lifestyle ( food, thoughts, etc )

  • calm my anxiety a little more

I know with the way 2021 is ending 2022 will be filled with loss and sadness, but with my dad, and loved ones we got this and will get through it!! I hope there is less covid and more fun. Getting back to a normal I know we won't get back to our normal before March 2020, I do hope we get back to the little things like going to a restaurant, a movie and even if so lucky to travel.

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