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My 12 week Journey

I've been dealing with health issues for a few years now, however the past 2 have been the worst. Myself I don't eat horrible, eating fairly healthy and not keeping to much junk in the house otherwise I will over indulge. The weight isn't going down which is beyond frustrating! So I was informed about Gina and the Livy method. I'll write about my journey for the next 12 weeks and see how this goes!!

Prep Week:

Its prep week where you learn about the program and all the foods you can and cannot eat, what sequence to go in etc. One of my biggest problems is I don't eat lunch usually, and if I'm really not feeling well I rest and don't get my body moving. So the goal for these 12 weeks is to move my body once a day at least. I think a walk on the treadmill will be the form of exercise for me, and eating all the meals in the sequence on the Livy method!

Week 1:

Week one started off fantastic. Down -5.9 lbs already!! I had prepped egg bites for breakfast and was doing so well on my eating plan and getting a couple walks in. The Friday of the first week was my dads birthday and the thing I love about the Livy method is she plans for you to have off days, celebrations and even a sick protocol. So I had my fav coffee frap with my dad but kept my breakfast and everything else on track until dinner. We went out so I enjoyed in a favourite pasta dish I love. Lots of water a couple drinks and chocolate covered strawberries to end the night! Then back on track and killed the next day with my plan!!!

Week 2:

Week two started off great was down another -0.2 lbs for the 12 weeks Gina recommends to step on the scale every day but I know for me that is a huge trigger fro me and then self doubt comes into play, so for my mental health and well being I have chosen to step on the scale once a week. I was hoping for a little more then the -0.2 pounds but told myself after remembering Gina says this is a slow process and any loss is a loss and I need to be proud of myself, cause realistically its only if including prep week 3 weeks and the program isn't even focusing on weight loss yet! I said week two started great however by Thursday I ended ups with a horrible migraine set the day. The plan was on my mind however I couldn't eat anything. I also felt a built guilty cause I was off my water a lot to. In bed for 2 days tried to up my water on Friday and eat as healthy as I could. Saturday finally feeling a bit human I was able to be back on my plan and had a perfect day! Sunday back in bed with a migraine and I ended up having dinner that night which was off the plan but a bowl of homemade Mac and cheese was had and let me tell you it didn't hit the spot and I actually didn't enjoy it like I used to. I was craving veggies and hummus that day as well. Week 2 was a little stressful at the end of it and not pleased with a dam migraine but im doing my best!

Week 3:

Still dealing with a migraine so im trying to focus mostly on water and keeping hydrated and eating on plan as best as I can. Im already noticing a little difference in my body its starting to change a bit. Im not nearly as bloated as I used to be and I feel like my face is not as puffy either. A non scale victory some of my clothes have been feeling looser so that's a nice surprise!!! Im thinking i'm in detox bad with this migraine but also the weather isn't helping me it keeps changing.

So far I'm loving The Livy method plan, Gina's check in videos are so helpful and make me excited for the day! Some people don't like her voice I love her and how real she is doesn't sugar coat shit!!

Week 3 for me was a bit of a struggle as well, I ended up with a week long migraine. Thank god Gina puts a sickness protocol into place!! So I am technically 6 days behind the group now with my program but I like how I can do it at my pace!

Stepping on the scale this week i'm down a total of 9.5 pounds so far and when I tried my goal shorts on today I can almost do some buttons up so that is a huge win for me!! I specifically bought these shorts knowing I wouldn't fit them yet but am working towards being able to wear them this summer as well on vacation later this year!!! Because of my week long migraine I wasn't able to follow my plan I tried to be mindful with eating and drinking. However being in bed with a migraine isn't the easiest to follow a "diet" so I did my best I could. I am still on week 3 cause I am picking up where I left off. I don't love being behind the week but I know as long as I see showing up, im gonna do ok!!!

Well watching the check in today Gina had said sign up will be this coming Monday for the fall program, ive already decided to do another round so I will be signing up as soon as I can!!

Week 4:

Officially down a totally of 10.7 pounds yay!! I'm very proud so far of this, considering I had a 2 week from hell with being in bed most of it and a hospital visit. I also decided last night I would have pizza I was on plan all day long and I enjoyed that pizza so much it was well worth it!! Yes eating breads can slow the process down but I don't regret that pizza. Before on a "diet" I would have felt guilty after but not last night, back on track this AM.

Week 5 - 12

To be honest the last 8 weeks of the program got away from me! They flew by so fast. 91 days after starting the Livy method I can honestly say its amazing!!! This program not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you gain a better relationship with food and your body!! I had my ups and downs with these 12 weeks however I did it, I finished strong and lost a total of 16.5 first go around!! I am very proud of myself so far and have signed up for round 2 starting in September! Im excited to see where round 2 takes me I still have some work to do!!

If I could tell anyone who is looking at a forever weight loss program, give Gina Livy a try you won't be sorry!!! I will try my best and keep up with round 2 week by week!!

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