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The week of March 16th 2020 for the most part it was normal, I had been doing everything like I normally would other than visiting my mom, her care home had already gone into lockdown.

As this scary word COVID was circling around it was all over the news. I remember exactly what I did the the day of Thursday March 19th I had gone into Michales and I specially remember coughing as the chemical cleaner the cashier was using, was so strong it caught me in my throat, this was before masks were mandatory for everyone. I remember apologizing to the cashier saying sorry im not sick your cleaner made me cough. She was very sweet said not to worry. I also have asthma so that didn't help! She then went on to tell me her dad also has a chronic cough and he was getting looked down on out in public. I finished in Michales and went to Superstore next I wanted to stalk up on a couple things incase we did go into lockdown. Funny thing is I had a mask with me in the car, however chose not to wear it, the N95 to be exact and I was like no I don't need that, I don't want to be looked at weird for wearing that so I left it in my car and did my shopping, all done and headed home. That Thursday the 19th would be the last normal day I really had.

Bring on around 5:30 am on Friday March 20th 2020 I woke up coughing and was like this ism good. I managed to fall back asleep and when I woke up again now feeling worse I texted my bff to let her know I needed to cancel with my nephew as I had a cough and was gonna rest for the day. It became a bed day so pjs and tv. No appetite I needed something to drink so walked down the stairs grabbed a Gatorade from the beverage fridge farthest end of the house and went back up the stairs to my bed. This is when it got a little interesting I was completely out of breath. I kinda brushed it off and rested, I felt worse as the day went on and when my dad got home I let him know what was going on. The next morning I woke up feeling way worse, out of breath from taking a few steps, extremely exhausted, coughing and now with a fever. I called the 811 # and talked to a nurse told them what was going on, they said if my breathing got worse to go into emerge.

A week later I was getting worse so off I went to the emergency room. My dad dropped me off with my mask on in I went in, it was fairly quiet in the emerge for once, they did my vitals, sat me on a chair with curtains on either side when the doctor had come to see me my heart rate and blood pressure were very high they actually took me into a private room so they could monitor me closer, here I am in all my glory, after blood, x-rays, and more monitoring they basically said its probably COVID without giving me a test go home and you need to quarantine, if you have to share areas in the house mask up, the bad news my dad who has his own business and trying to figure this whole lockdown situation, keep staff and customers safe was going to have to stay home for 2 weeks as well because of me. My heart sank and I felt so bad that I was making him stay home. He was 100% well, I went downhill faster and faster. I spent a total of 6 weeks pretty much in bed all day only getting up to eat and I ordered a massive water bottle thank you amazon just so I wouldn't have to keep going up and down the stairs. In these 6 weeks I had been to emerge 2 more times and let me tell you about these horrible experiences. Keep in mind that the doctor from my first visit told me to come back if my breathing was getting worse.

Emergency the 2nd time :

Dad once again dropped me of about 4 days since the first visit, had my mask on, I used the hand sanitizer to clean my hands and got my care card out ready to register. Let me tell you I have never been treated more poorly and horrible than I did at that moment, I was verbally attacked by the lady who registers you, which caused me to go into a full blown panic attack and was pretty much hyperventilating. I couldn't catch my breath and that was a problem for already being out of breath. I felt like I shouldn't be there when all I was doing was coming to hopefully get help as I wasn't getting better. A male nurse watched this whole thing go down and he took me to the covid side sat me down and took my care card and vitals. He also was apologizing and saying no one deserves to be treated that way. Trying to talk I said to him I was already here and told to come back if I was getting worse and my breathing was getting worse, he said not a problem and the doctor would see me. Beside me I could hear a woman getting a covid test and see her feet freaking out at the side of the curtain, didn't sound peasant. Yet again they would not give me a covid test and the doctor sent me home cause oxygen was ok.

Extremely frustrated and still upset on how I was treated. I made a complaint about the lady who attacked me I had an email and in a day or two I received a phone call apologizing profusely for the ladies actions and I said to the woman on the phone I know we are in a pandemic, I know people are scared however I am very sick, scared myself and the hospital is the last place I want to be. I was told to come back if I was worse and that is exactly what I did, I also had my mask on and it was an N95 one of the best ones and I washed my hands with he sanitizer right when I walked in the doors. Im like I have never been treated like that and the fact she made me have a panic attack and couldn't calm down was not ok. I know she got in trouble and so she should have. Also if you don't want to deal with sick people regardless if its a pandemic or not, you should always treat the person with respect and the fact you have glass in between the patient and yourself you acted like a huge miserable BITCH, excuse my language you should maybe find a new job, you shouldn't work with people. Especially the sick and venerable. When my dad heard about this he was furious and almost made his own call however I said I dealt with it and moved on.

Welcome to my third visit this time I had to call 911 and get an ambulance... a huge regret, again I was treated poorly the paramedic looked at me and was like do we need to take you I? I really wanted to punch her, finally I get into the ambulance they hook me up she also made me wear gloves, no idea why when they say it really doesn't do much. During our ride to the hospital she looks at me and says the only reason we are taking you in... is because of your high heart rate. I bit my tongue and stayed nice however I wanted to just go off on her, regardless if you don't think the patient is really that sick you still treat them with respect and not like they are inconveniencing you. She also mad a comment that she has seen way more sick covid patients and blah blah if I wouldn't have been arrested for assault I probably would have punched the bitch. I know covid is scary, but really do you actually think I would have called if I wasn't alone in my house and my dad was at work? I didn't want to bother him when he was dealing with covid shit at work.

Get to the Hospital they take forever to even register me and do triage. They say me on a horrible chair. This time the doctor was excellent he did a bunch of blood work and re did my chest X-ray. Again no covid test 😡. Said things looked good and I could go home. I had enough at this point I called my family doctors office I think I had talked to her once before, she finally said you need to go have a covid test here's where. I called them to book the appointment and got in for that day. A covid test was the worst thing ever the lady doing my test said it feels like water up your nose, It sure as hell does not!! Waited 24hrs or longer and got a negative result. So at this point I have no idea if I had covid, or what was going on. Talked to my doctor again and a CT scan was booked!

Bring on my hero through this and I truly have so much respect for this Dr he is still trying almost 2 years later help and figure out what is going on. His bedside manner is by far one of the best if not the best!! Finally something positive there was something that came up in my CT scan. Next thing I know I was scheduled for a Bronchoscopy. The Bronchoscopy is where they sedate you and stick a camera down your throat and all them to see what and if something is going on, I know they took a little tissue out and did what they call a wash on it.

I ended up having a second Bronchoscopy done as well, nothing really came about those, I was also having so much blood work done and a special one that had to be sent out of province to get tested, that special test came back positive so at least we were going in one direction now instead of a few. I got refereed to a specialist at the lung clinic and we went from there.

Having MRI's done countless blood work ( I hate needles by the way) and more tests. It almost 2 years since i've been sick that it is probably not my lungs after all this but maybe due to a hormone issue so I am now waiting to see an endocrinologist in March 2022.

It has been a long almost 2 years of being unwell I still have a low grade fever daily and still out of breath when I walk and extremely exhausted, I take it day by day that's as much as I can do.

A little note before I end this I had a repeat of the special blood test and it was negative this year so all in all they figured it was a false positive last year.

Stay healthy and safe!!!


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