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Get to know me!

In no particular order, I figured this one will be more bullet point!

  • My name is Erin

  • I'm 35 almost 36

  • I have two middle names

  • I'm a water baby, love being near, on, or in the water

  • Born in February and it happens to be my favourite month

  • Really miss traveling right now especial with winter here in Canada

  • I am one minute younger than my twin ( no we aren't close)

  • I am a very proud Auntie with twin nieces, who are 4 minutes apart and baby B is my mini, who also shares one of my middle names

  • I have 3 nephews as well, not by blood however blood or not I treat them like family and love them as much I would if they were my own!

  • I became an Esthetician after high school and after a year in the field I decided it wasn't for me and I moved onto other things. I do love the industry so much though and thankfully for all the knowledge I learned from my program and hands on

  • Family is extremely important to me there is nothing better

  • I'm 5'6

  • I love having my picture taken its a huge self confidence boost, yes I will use filters on my photos I take myself and will always be honest about it. Filters help just smooth out the picture making most of them look like someone else took them and knew what they are doing

  • When I fly I have to sit next to the window and yes I pay extra for my seat and as close to the front as I can

  • I will not pee on a flight the toilet freaks me out and I've been terrified since I was about 6 and haven't used a in flight bathroom since

  • I love Starbucks don't get coffee anywhere else unless its at home then I use a Starbucks k cup

  • I drink a ton of water

  • I don't drink alcohol often but when I dot love Blush Wine, Prosecco and Champagne

  • My favourite color is PINK all shades however I love Blush the most


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