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Chronic pain and illness I know a thing or two about that

Part 1

Well where do we start..... let's talk migraines!

As long as I can remember I've been dealing with migraine headaches thank you dad and Nana. Both my dad and Uncle passed the migraines down to only there daughters if being a girl wasn't hard enough add one of the most debilitating chronic illnesses you could have. My migraines can last anywhere from hrs to weeks. I've had CT scans, neurological test, food sensitive testing, many medications and visits to the ER, missed countless hrs of work, spent way to much time im bed, had to cancel appointments and missed tons of fun. When I get a migraine I am out of commission for however long it takes for the pain to leave.

From Ice packs, Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin, peppermint oil, prescription medications, chiropractic and massage you name it I've tried it all!! I've even been offered botox as a possible fix I decided with the $800 + cost it was not an option for me, I also hate needles.

Now when your wanting to rip your head off there really isn't much anyone can do. Things I try to do when I feel a migraine on its way, I try almost anything that isn't medication first, the first thing is to make sure I'm always hydrated I carry a 64oz water bottle with me always

( Gotta love Amazon), eating if I don't eat it can be a huge trigger for a migraine so even if its a quick snack its better than not eating and ending up in bed for days! If the water and food do not help and if its available I will dink a Coca Cola something about the caffeine in the Coke helps for whatever reason, coffee for me is a no go if I'm getting a migraine or have one already that makes me extremely nauseous but the fizz and Coke can either take it away or lessen it, I also carry peppermint oil in a roll on with me I always have one in my purse, one in the car and one beside my bed, the cooling on your neck helps so much and the smell can also help. I use the peppermint oil if my neck is sore too ( which is often) ! Now if these tricks aren't working and its not a full blow migraine attack yet I will either take an Excedrin migraine or I will just go for the big guy and take my prescription medication which is a melt under the tongue so no need for water, they usually work fairly quickly. The one crap thing about migraine medication is how pricy it can be, but for your heath and sanity of not having a head you want to rip off you will pay the price if they aren't covered, I am also extremely lucky to have the financial means to have all the medication I need if its not covered. I know some people can't, I just couldn't imagine not being able to afford something that can be life changing. I remember one medication I was on in my teens my doctor who kept saying no you don't have migraines, we had moved across the country so he was a fairly new doctor, I don't have some of the classic migraines, I don't get an aura, I do not get physically sick

(my poor cousin does) he only finally accepted that I had migraines because a specialist finally confirmed it as I had been just getting over a 3 week long migraine, one of the worst times ever and also the first time I had ever had narcotics ,I no joke felt like I was floating off my bed.... I the narcotics they are scary not sure how people like the feeling of being high I never will understand that. Finally on prescribed migraine medication it was making my face numb so that was the end of that one. 15 years forward after my first 3 week migraine I ended up again with a 3 week one and that was pretty hard, ended up in the ER 3 times and I HATE hospitals they creep me out the smell isn't fun especially when you have a migraine. Finally the 3rd visit the triage nurse gave me some Tylenol and when I finally got the iv and more meds I finally felt relief. Along with having a specific migraine medication I am also on a preventative one I take every night if I some how forget my meds that an also be detrimental.

My last horrible migraine was on New Years day 2021, I was starting to feel it New Years Eve and decided it was bed time, by the next morning I couldn't see out of my right eye and I went grabbed a pill, Coke, ice pack and back to bed, it was getting progressively worse, I finally went downstairs with sunglasses on and tried to eat, I took one bite and knew it wasn't gonna happen so garbage the food went. At this point I warned my dad he may have to take me to emerge. I had a hot shower well as hot as I cold take it, hoping that would help the loosen up my neck and shoulders, I wore sunglasses in the shower, please ignore how horrible I look, however this is real life. Finally it was time for emerge, I lucked out I'm not sure if it was time, time of year or cause of covid I got in almost instantly thankfully, unfortunately I had to be there alone thank you covid! Dr came quickly last me a bunch of questions I told him I even took a morphine and it wouldn't touch it. And yes I've been to the emerge before for this reason.

More real life here in emerge I left the photo with the IV out, this is what a sever migraine looks like, they literally had to give me an extra cocktail as the pain was so bad if I could have chopped my head off or hit it through a wall I would have. I never wish this kinda pain on anyone.

Migraines are one of the most debilitating diagnoses, when all you can do is lay in a dark room, nauseous, if you smell anything especially perfume, certain flowers even food can turn you off. I know for me personally Lillys, strong floral scents, weather change and certain foods can cause an instant migraine. I have to be so careful, anytime I see a Lilly in a floral arrangement it comes out asap and put in a garbage bang then put into the garbage can just so I can't smell it. My hope one day they will find a cure for migraines and no one else will have to go through this.


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