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A project that turned into a passion turned side business

In the summer of 2020 with my nieces 3rd birthday coming up, the theme was Young Wild and Three. I was making shirts for there party and thought it would be cute with a big leopard hair bow. There was leopard on there shirt, I couldn't really find anything bows on online that I really liked, I went online and checked out a couple YouTube videos and thought I could totally make them myself, So searching on line I found a few websites with faux leather and supplies. I ordered everything I needed, once I had finished the girls bows everyone was telling me how cute they were.... Made with love by AuntiE was born! I opened a little Etsy shop, if curious my Etsy shop is MadewithlovebyauntiE. Its been slow and steady however with my health these days that's perfect for me. I use my nieces to test the bows and they usually raid Aunties bow bins when they are over or pick a certain faux leather and request.

I only wished I had thought of a cute little bow side business earlier more when my nieces were younger, I never intended to create bows more than the one off for the girls birthday however I had so much fun creating the bows. I thought I bet I can sell these and sure enough I did.

I always get excited when I sell a bow or two, I take pride in my creating them and they are always made with love💕 coming up with my shop name was fairly easy for me I knew I wanted to incorporate my littles some how into the name of my shop as my littles were the inspiration behind starting to make bows. I could have used there names or initials however Made with love by AuntiE came to my mind and I stuck with it, I even had a complement from my dad on the name he said it was cleaver!

My all time favourite bow I've ever made is a very near and dear one to me. It's the purple ribbon bow, now the purple ribbon holds two meanings for me. I was so proud of this one I called her the Kathy bow after my mom. The purple ribbon is used for Alzhimers and domestic violence which both have greatly affected me. I also really love creating holiday bows or helping a customer with something special in mind. Other than bows, I added bowties for the little guys, however our Motto at Made with love by AuntiE is bows are perfect for the little lady or dude in your life we don't judge here!!

Recently I have added something new to my shop which I've had so much fun creating are baby tethers with silicone beads and a silicone tether. I can do any color combo, keychains, and even put a name. I love being creative and crafting. I love hearing positive feedback from my customers as there happiness is my #1. I don't ever want a customer to be disappointed in my product as I do take a lot of pride when making my bows and teethers, if I need to send a new order or replace something at zero cost to them I am happy to do so, I send everything out hoping each person whoever wears my creations are 100% happy with there purchase!

Just a few of the bows I've done so far if you want to check out my little shop id love you to, its


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