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8 months without you

Today is a range of emotions. Its marks 8 months without mom:( I miss her every day!!!)Today September 6th also marks 6 years since I lost my fur baby and I miss her on a daily, still not over losing her. I get a small amount of peace knowing mom and Roxy are together again!! I can just picture when we lost mom how Roxy would have been so excited to welcome grandma wagging her little tail and jumping to lick Grandma's face.

Not sure how in the world its September and 8 months has flown by. I still feels like I just lost you. Mom so much has happened since you've been gone, I know you would be deeply sad by some of the things, angry by others and happy by a couple. Thinking of you extra as dad and I are getting ready to go back east at the end of the month wishing you were coming with us!! We will see all the family including your side for dinner and meet the kids that you would have been so excited to meet!! This trip back to Toronto is going to be bittersweet not having you with us, I guess technically you are always around in different forms.

Sitting outside on the patio well feeling fall in the air, thinking of you extra right now. Today is also your great nephews 13th birthday! I remember when you and I flew to Ontario to meet him for the first time. Natey sure loved you so much!! I'm sure as were visiting

everyone you will be near.

I believe in signs....

Last week when I took mom flowers out of the blue this white butterfly came before me and as I was getting ready to leave it was following me. I stopped the butterfly landed on a flower and I started talking to it and it would move its wings when I talked and when I would stop it would stay still. I believe mom was with me and I've seen a white butterfly a few times since and know mom is always near.

Life isn't fair no one ever said it was. Although I know I am very blessed and have more than most. I would give it away to be able to see mom and hold her hand again. Living without you is hard, I have my days were im stronger and days I just can't function. I Grief hits you at the worst possible time not matter what your doing. Most people in my life actually have no idea what it's like to lose a parent hell some don't even know what its like to lose a grandparent. It's very hard to explain the pain of losing a parent until you've experienced it first hand.


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