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Thank you for stopping by Beauty with In

it is all about self love even when you aren't happy with how you look, finding and getting myself back, trauma,

slowly losing my mom to mom passing away & things I love...

Hope you will stick with me on this journey! 


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8 months without you

Today is a range of emotions. Its marks 8 months without mom:( I miss her every day!!!)Today September 6th also marks 6 years since I...

My 12 week Journey

I've been dealing with health issues for a few years now, however the past 2 have been the worst. Myself I don't eat horrible, eating...

The new normal!

It's been a long 2 years of sickness and life shutting down due to the worldwide pandemic. After everything that's gone on especially...

The firsts.......

They say the first holidays are the worst...... Well it wasn't a holiday but it was my birthday. For 35 years I had the woman who carried...

Our Final Goodbye

To the days leading up to mom Celebration of life, I've had an extremely numb feeling over my body. I have zero idea what day it is. Some...

2021 What a year

As I reflect back on 2021 its had some highs and a lot of lows. The first low was spending News Years Day evening in emergency due to a...

No Joy this year

I wonder if I will ever find Joy in the holidays again? Knowing we will be losing mom soon, my heart is shattered. I'm angry, sad, wish I...


December 6th 2016 is a night I will never forget.... this night still haunts me 5 years later. I was dating this guy who I had fallen in...

Get to know me!

In no particular order, I figured this one will be more bullet point! My name is Erin I'm 35 almost 36 I have two middle names I'm a...


The week of March 16th 2020 for the most part it was normal, I had been doing everything like I normally would other than visiting my...


In March of 2017 Mom just turned 65 and we were giving some of the most devastating news a family could get. In my opinion this is the...

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Thanks so much for your interest in Beauty With In 

 here I talk about my struggles to learn to love myself again after trauma, loving my curves every inch of them, trying to stay positive when things aren't always going the way you though they should.

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